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Top 5 Reasons to Wear a Life Jacket
We’ve heard just about every excuse not to wear a life jacket. Here are the most common excuses with the top five reasons to wear a life jacket. 1. “I have life jackets on board.” Having life jackets on board the vessel is not enough. Accidents happen too fast to…
Now available – 2019 Boating Safety Calendar
The Safe Boating Campaign’s 2019 Boating Safety Calendar is now available! This calendar is a helpful guide for communications and public outreach opportunities – includes a month-by-month guide of boating safety topics and events. Download the 2019 Boating Safety Calendar on the Resources page. Original artwork is available by request…
More than 5,600 participated in #RSWI2018
More than 5,600 people around the world participated in Ready, Set, Wear It events during the 2019 summer boating season! Boaters gathered at family-friendly events around the world to inflate their own inflatable life jacket or to wear an inherently buoyant life jacket, helping to heighten awareness of boating safety…
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