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Helpful Resources

Brand Guidelines

2018 Resource Kit


Consistency is key to a strong brand. Please refer to the Brand Guidelines for appropriate logo use. There are two main iterations of the Wear It logo: solid white background version and a transparent background version. One color and custom logos are also available.


Video PSAs are available free of charge to support boating safety efforts. If you need a broadcast-quality television spot, please contact the National Safe Boating Council at

National Safe Boating Week

The Safe Boating Campaign kicks off the weekend before Memorial Day with National Safe Boating Week and continues throughout the year with various events and activities.


Ready, Set, Wear It

Join boating safety advocates around the world for family-fun events to heighten awareness of boating safety issues and go for a world record along the way! Ready, Set, Wear It is now celebrate 4 times throughout the summer – May 19, June 9, July 7 and August 11.



An annual survey of recreational boaters found the Safe Boating Campaign continues to have a positive impact on boater behavior, specifically the impact on life jacket wear, attitudes and safety behavior of boaters.

Additional Resources

Looking for more resources? Visit the National Safe Boating Council Online Store. Free and paid resources are available.